Land Rover Service in Congleton

Land Rover service in CongletonPremier Garage Services specialise in Land Rover service in Congleton. Some may wonder why you want a Land Rover specialist to service and repair your car. After all, can’t any trained mechanic do that? Like people, Land Rovers have their own little peculiarities. The better you know the make and model the easier it is to repair. It could be the difference if you want your Land Rover to still be running 25 years from now. At Premier Garage Services, the mechanics are trained and certified for Land Rovers. They also have 25 years of experience. Of course, they can service and repair any make and model vehicle. They just have an additional expertise on Land Rovers.

In Congleton, Land Rover service specialists are experts on all models of Land Rovers, older models and new ones. If you have a newer model still under warranty, bring it to Premier Garage Services. They can service and repair it without voiding your warranty. They can also do it for up to 50% cheaper than your dealer as well. That is a significant savings. Every Land Rover service and repair is done according to manufacturer’s specifications with approved parts. The diagnostic and technical equipment at Premier Garage Services is second to none. All parts and labour carry a one-year warranty. They believe in their service and the warranty is there to assure the customers.

Land Rover service in Congleton at Premier Garage comes with careful consideration of each customer’s time and schedule. They will pick up your Land Rover from your home or work place, service and or repair it, and deliver it back to you. You can expect friendly and professional service at all times. Premier Garage is full service and that includes MOT testing and general repairs plus servicing. They also carry an extensive line of quality tires which are expertly fitted and balanced. Premier Garage uses a computerised aligner for your wheels. You won’t get a more accurate wheel alignment service anywhere. Your new tyres will last longer and your Land Rover will drive like a dream. For a Land Rover service, contact Premier Garage Services.