DPF Land Rover in Bramhall, Expertly Remedied by a Professional Team

DPF Land Rover in BramhallDPF Land Rover in Bramhall results in a reduction of harmful emissions into our environment. This small ceramic honeycomb filter is required on all diesel cars and trucks manufactured after 2009. We all benefit from the cleaner air but the diesel particulate filter (DPF) also helps extend the life of your diesel engine. Your engine runs cleaner because the oil stays clean longer and there’s no grit cycling through your engine parts wearing them out. The filter that traps all that soot and burns it up before it can be spewed into the air also prevents it from dirtying up your engine. The DPF is a valuable bit of technology that benefits all who breathe. It is also meant to be self-cleaning, burning the soot into harmless vapour before expelling it through your exhaust.

The automatic process of DPF cleaning is known as regeneration. In Bramhall, DPF Land Rover may have a dash light indicator alerting the driver that passive regeneration is in progress. No action needs to be taken by the driver. This DPF cleaning process is usually done while driving at speed on the motorway. The exhaust temperature will be high. If most of your driving takes place in stop and go traffic at moderate speeds, the DPF may not regenerate automatically. You will have to allow a self-regeneration or a parked regeneration. Your indicator light will alert you when this needs to be done. However, if you ignore the instruction and put off the regeneration, the filter will get so clogged performance will be hampered.

DPF Land Rover in Bramhall is not, under normal conditions, a process the driver is even aware of. It requires no driver participation. It’s an automatic process electronically instigated and monitored. However, if your driving habits require that you do manually set the filter to regenerate and you procrastinate long enough, regeneration may not be possible. There may be other issues that interfere with the performance of regeneration. When either of those occur, contact Premier Garage Services. You are also welcome to take advantage of our free collection and delivery service. We can remove the filter, examine it for signs of failure and clean it. Once that’s complete, your filter should then begin to regenerate on its own again.