Use the Experts for DPF Land Rover in Poynton

DPF Land Rover in PoyntonYour expert technicians for DPF Land Rover in Poynton are found at Premier Garage Services. We can repair and maintain any make or model of vehicle. However, we specialise in Land Rover. That takes nothing away from our expertise in other makes of cars. It just means that we feel the Land Rover is in a class of its own. We have made the effort and gained exceptional experience into what makes them tick. One thing that makes Land Rover tick clean is the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This bit of innovative design and engineering is geared to keeping diesel fuel, which burns dirty, from polluting the air we breathe. It also helps your engine run smoothly and helps improve fuel efficiency.

The filter works automatically and is self cleaning. In Poynton, DPF Land Rover operation collects the toxic particles, often referred to as soot, to prevent expelling them through the exhaust. When the time comes, the computer tells the engine to run a little hotter and the filter heats up. It gets hot enough to burn off the soot. The harmless residue vapour is exhausted into the air. This happens about once every three months. The process takes about 15 minutes and occurs while your car is driven at maximum allowed speed on the roadway. You will see a notification on your dash that indicates regeneration. Regeneration will not take place at in town speeds. If you never drive over 40 miles an hour your filter is not going to regenerate.

If that happens to your DPF Land Rover in Poynton, your dash light may indicate regeneration is needed. Ignore it and you may experience a rough running engine and poor gas mileage. Continue to ignore and other parts are going to experience more wear. The situation must be remedied so contact  Premier Garage Services. We will first attempt to force a regeneration and if that doesn’t work then we will undertake a manual regeneration. If that doesn’t work then we will remove the filter and clean it then replace it. In most instances, as long as the driver gets the car up to speed from time to time, the filter will begin to regenerate on its own again.