Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Kirkby the Best Service at the Best Price

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Kirkby For Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Kirby, Premier Garage Services is your best choice. We would not make that statement unless we could back it up. However, we have over 25 years of experience, dedicated customer service, cost savings and Range Rover specialisation. Ask our loyal customers and they’ll back us up too. They love their Range Rover and they know we are dedicated to this extraordinary automobile brand. Yet, we’re not a dealer. That’s a good business strategy for us and our customers. Because we are independent, we can save our Range Rover customers up to 50% off the cost of dealer services. They don’t have to sacrifice expertise, quality parts or customer service to enjoy those savings. All our services are equal to or superior to dealer services.

All of our technicians are Land Rover trained specialists. In Kirkby, Range Rover Evoque servicing is carried out according to manufacturer recommendations. That means your warranty is not at risk. On the other hand, if your Evoque is more than 4 years old, we can help you save even more money with budget priced servicing that does not sacrifice quality or service. We operate a full service garage with the most used manufacturer parts in stock and any others we can usually get the same day or next day. Diagnostic technology is particularly important today. Effective garages need to be continuously updating diagnostics and highly trained technicians. We’re is well equipped in that department.

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Kirkby is your guarantee of the finest car servicing and personalised customer service available. You get all that at the lowest possible price and considerably cheaper than the dealer. We want to help you maintain your Range Rover Evoque so you get the performance and long life the engineers intended. We do our best to work with your schedule. So if you need us to collect your car and deliver it back to you after servicing, we are happy to provide the service. Contact Premier Garage Services and schedule your Range Rover Evoque in for servicing. We’ll quote a price and you can count on there being no surprise add ons.