Freelander Service in Wilmslow

Freelander Service in WilmslowOur Premier Garage Services are independent Land Rover specialists that includes Freelander Service in Wilmslow. This little Crossover was manufactured from 2009 through 2014 in a variety of body styes, engine sizes, and performance packages in manual and automatic transmissions. It had the power for off road and the class for a night at the theatre. A number of patented innovations went into the manufacture of Freelander. Although they have not been manufactured for nearly a decade, hundreds of thousands were sold worldwide; many still on the road today. Your Land Rover Freelander may show signs of age but don’t worry, we can offer the tender loveing care and mechanical brilliance to enxtend the life and performance of your Freelander.

You may have bought your Freelander new or used and now the engine mileage is creeping up and you want to make sure it continues to run efficiently. For your older model in Wilmslow, Freelander service and maintenance according to manufacturers’ guidelines is the secret to longevity for your vehicle. Premier Garage Services brings 25 years’ experience, all the latest technological equipment and the best quality parts for the service, maintenance and repair of your Freelander. Oh, we know your dealer does too but they charge far more than we do and we can still validate your service book and honour your warranty. We offer free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle as part of our customer service

Why pay more for the same Freelander service in Wilmslow when our friendly and accommodating garage offers more experience for as much as 50% less money than the dealer. Call us or stop by our garage for estimates of service, maintenance and repairs. We do more for our customers so you can bring your car here for MOT testing, tyres, balancing and front end alignment. When it comes to maintaining your Freelander, nobody does it better or for less than our Land Rover specialists at Premier Garage Services. Our parts and labour are warrantied so there are no worries when you trust Premier Garage with your Freelander. Check our reputation; we’ll even offer you referrals from past and current customers.