Range Rover Servicing in Cheshire

Range Rover Servicing in CheshireRange Rover owners come in all makes and models just like their cars so our Range Rover Servicing in Cheshire is designed to serve all models. Some own a Range Rover, the older the better, because they see it as a status symbol; others purely for its looks, comforts and reliability during weather emergencies. Then there are the rough and tumble bunch that want a vehicle not just for the road less traveled but road optional. These are the adventurers that start the day with a plan. But by the end of the day, because they have a finely tuned and maintained Range Rover to get them there, may take a detour or two. Their favourite Range Rover colour is dirt.

At Premier Garage Services we specialise in keeping all Range Rovers for all owner types operation a peak performance. For owners in Cheshire, Range Rover Servicing is just the beginning of our available services. We are equipped with the tools, electronic diagnostic equipment, specially trained and certified technicians and experience for preventative maintenance and repairs. Especially for that rowdy bunch we do wheel and tyre balancing and every year all Range Rover owners can come to us for your MOT. We’ll even collect your car  and deliver it back to you when we’re finished.

The very best thing about Premier Garage Services managing your Range Rover servicing in Cheshire is our expertise and specialised knowledge. The second best thing is we can do it all for up to 50% less than your Range Rover dealer. If you to put price first and expertise second you won’t hurt our feelings. What matters and what we want to be very clear about to our customers is the price does not dictate the quality of the service.  Contact us and schedule an appointment. We charge less because we can without cutting corners or paying poverty wages to our techs. Your dealer has to pay a lot of brand service overhead that we don’t. We can pass those savings to you and you will still get authentic parts, up to date diagnostics and technicians who specialised in Range Rovers.