Freelander Service in Altrincham

Freelander Service in AltrinchamA Freelander service in Altrincham carried out at our garage has benefits that goes beyond just cheaper prices than the dealer. You see, we are specialist in all Land Rover model and year. For that reason, we know where to look first. Our diagnostic equipment is continually updated and our own mechanic skills and knowledge grows as we participate in continuing education and training. Diagnostics tell us where the trouble area is and we have current software to read codes when the emergency lights on the dash light up. Few manufacturers get away without a recall for something in one model year or another or a manufacturer quirk common to one specific year. As a Freelander owner may not even know about it until it causes a problem, but we will. We’ve worked on all year and models.

For car owners in Altrincham, a Freelander service will find any potential problems. Each year also has its own set of flaws that impact a certain percentage of the vehicles that roll off the line. It could be an engine noise caused by the intake manifold, a coolant leak or one little module in the transmission.Another advantage our years of experience with Land Rovers is we know if there is a design flaw or manufacturer slip up. It’s not uncommon for a brand auto to have its quirks and peculiarities that leads to a specific problem throughout that model year.

Our Freelander service in Altrincham is thorough because we are so immersed in Land Rovers, we know to consider these flaws and peculiarities when we service your Freelander. Contact Premier Garage Services and schedule your Freelander for service. If you’ve been having any performance problems tell us; we’ll troubleshoot using technology and our own knowledge based on experience. Nothing makes us happier than a fast but accurate diagnosis and solution we know is spot on. Everything we do is to manufacturer specifications and we use all original parts. We are problem solvers and we take pride in our work. Yet, you’ll find our prices to be lower than the dealer who is the only one who can come close to our expertise.