DPF Land Rover in Altrincham

DPF Land Rover in AltrinchamYour DPF Land Rover in Altrincham is diesel-fuelled. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is mandatory on all models since 2009. That’s a good thing because when diesel fuel burns it leaves a residue of toxic particulates that previously were emitted into the atmosphere. That’s very bad for our environment. The particulate filter traps those tiny particles and on schedule the filter cleans itself with a high heat destruction of the particles. The harmless ash from the cleaning process can then be emitted. You can’t really see these tiny particles or their residue after destruction. As long as it’s working and your car is not polluting the environment, why would you care about a filter in your car? No reason, as long as you regularly travel at maximum speeds.

However, if most of your driving is in town, stop and go at low speeds, that filter can cause problems. In Altrincham, DPF Land Rover burn off may not happen according to plan. The filter gets clogged and that interferes in your car performance and fuel consumption. If you ignore the signs of a malfunctioning DPF filter, you may eventually have to replace it. That is unfortunate because it’s expensive to replace. If you notice the poor performance right away and bring it to us, we can clean the filter and reset it. It will likely become self-cleaning again as long as you get the engine up to highway speeds frequently.

The PDF Land Rover in Altrincham on your car is a part we like to check during service and maintenance. We specialise in Land Rovers. Our technicians are Land Rover trained with over 25 years’ experience. We undertake all maintenance, service and repairs on any model year Land Rover. Our garage is as well equipped as your dealer, if not better and our techs as experienced. Contact Premier Garage Services and enjoy great customer service. We offer a free collection and drop off service if you can’t get your car to us. One more benefit of bringing your Land Rover to us is our prices. We can save you up to 50% over dealer costs. Most of our customers really appreciate that.