Land Rover Repairs in Gatley

Land Rover Repairs in GatleyThere are many reasons to have Land Rover repairs in Gatley handled by Premier Garage Services. Free collection and delivery service is second only to our expertise and experience with Land Rover repairs and service. At Premier Garage Services we realised that bringing their Land Rover in for repairs created a hardship for some of our customers. Once we thought about it we saw the problem. It takes a village to get a car in for service sometimes. The Land Rover owner has to impose on someone else to get up early and follow them to our garage. Then, the someone else has to drop the person back home or at work.

Unless they live in the house with you, you really are inconveniencing someone else. Once again, in Gatley, Land Rover repairs are complete and someone has to pick you up and bring you to our garage to get your car. For some car owners, there may be no one who can do that for them. With jobs and families, everyone seems to be on a tight schedule. We decided it would be easier all around if our guys pick up the Land Rover from your home or workplace. Drive the kids to school and take yourself to work and we’ll pick the car up from there. When repairs are complete, we will bring it back to you at work or at home. No trouble for you and no charge either.

Land Rover repairs in Gatley need not be neglected because of logistics involved in getting the car to and from. While we have your car our Land Rover certified mechanics will use the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your car’s trouble spot. Repairs will be completed to manufacturer standards and the cost will be far less than your dealer would charge. Don’t put it off. Contact Premier Garage Services and schedule your Land Rover in for repairs or servicing. You will be safer on the road and your car will last longer. Our free collection and delivery is just part of our friendly customer service. It is one way we can show our appreciation to you for choosing to do business with Premier Garage