Freelander Repairs in New Mills

Freelander Repairs in New MillsFreelander repairs in New Mills are best done by a Land Rover specialist garage. The Land Rover Freelander was Europe’s best-selling four-wheel drive vehicle for five years after its release. While compared to other Land Rover models, it is not the most competent off-road vehicle, but still out-performs other manufacturer’s vehicles of the same generation both on and off the road. As a compact SUV, it boasts an impressive 16 patented, brand new features which influenced future Land Rover models and even the first generation BMW X5. Such a top class vehicle deserves the servicing to match.

You may be worried that, in New Mills, Freelander repairs don’t come cheap. Your Land Rover dealership may have quoted you an amount that made you almost swallow your tongue, but never fear – independent garages charge much less and no longer void your vehicle warranty, thanks to recent changes in Block Exemption legislation. An independent garage that specialises in Land Rovers and offers incredible service and value is Premier Garage Services. They pride themselves on top quality service and repairs to the highest of standards while promoting a great customer experience with the minimum disruption to your daily life. They will collect and drop off your Freelander if you are too busy to do so.

Premier Garage Services offers professional friendly service for your Freelander repairs in New Mills. They have a wealth of experience with all Land Rover models, old and new, and have access to the best quality replacement parts. Their state of the art equipment allows them to diagnose and tend to any problem your Freelander may have. Contact Premier Garage Services for efficient, fast and friendly Freelander repairs. Make them your regular service garage and experience an improved performance from your Freelander.