Freelander Service in Gatley

Freelander Service in GatleyWhen you need a Freelander service in Gatley, bring your vehicle to the Land Rover specialists at Premier Garage Services. You won’t find a Land Rover dealership sign on our garage because we are an independent garage. Signs do not a specialist make. However, we can tell you with confidence, our 25 years of experience with Land Rover trained technicians gives us the specialist credibility without the high dealer costs. Our services include all maintenance and repairs, including warranty work. We have the latest Freelander specific diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and pinpoint any performance issues.  Actually, we’re able to offer you more for your money because of the flexibility only available to independent garage owners.

While under warranty, your Freelander is maintained according to manufacturer schedule and part replacements are genuine Freelander manufacturer parts. In Gatley, Freelander service schedules are always up to date so we can stamp your service book. If yours is an online digital service record, we update that for you. If your car is over four years old, we offer a budget-priced maintenance schedule. Once your car is out of warranty, you have the option of replacing parts with genuine aftermarket parts that are guaranteed for quality but cost less than original manufacturer parts. You can stay with original parts but the choice is yours to make. If your Freelander has high miles and you plan to drive it to extinction, then aftermarket parts could be a good choice. They’re not inferior parts; just not manufacturer label.

Freelander service in Gatley includes all the expected diagnostics and checks of exhaust, timing belts, batteries, clutches, brakes and more. No need to go elsewhere for tyres. We stock an impressive line of top quality and name brand tyres which we mount and balance. Our wheel alignment service will extend the life of your tyres. We use an advanced computerised aligner that is accurate and quick. Life gets busy so if you need us to collect your car and return it when service is complete just ask for our valet service. Contact Premier Garage Services for Freelander service and repair without the premier price. Because we specialise, we know more about your Freelander than most other garages.