DPF Range Rover Evoque in Knutsford

DPF Range Rover Evoque in KnutsfordThe DPF Range Rover Evoque in Knutsford is important to the operation of your diesel engine for efficient emission control. Your Range Rover Evoque in a fine piece of machinery and you want to keep everything working like it just rolled off the line. Here at Premier Garage Services, we are Range Rover specialists. That means we are skilled auto technicians but we’ve added an additional layer of expertise for the Range Rover brand. Our technicians are all Range Rover certified and did their time at Range Rover dealerships or specialists training before coming to us. Some of our techs have achieved specialist status by learning right here in our garage from the best.  We have techs on staff with 25 years’ experience so nothing gets by them.

Trouble with your diesel particulate filter will cause your dash light to indicate a need for regenerating. For owners in Knutsford, DPF Range Rover Evoque, regeneration, which is a cycle where the filter cleans itself should be automatic; until it’s not and you don’t know why. When you bring your car to us we’ll troubleshoot the problem. With our experience and more cutting edge diagnostic equipment than your dealer, we can do that easily enough. Don’t let it go because a dirty filter will cause poor gas mileage and run rough. If the filter is blocked your emissions are dirty too. As you drive, exhaust gas collects in the filter until it’s full and the regeneration cycle kicks in which is every few hundred miles. The DPF generates high heat which burns off accumulated particles which takes 15 to 20 minutes while you continue to drive.

Replacing a DPF Range Rover Evoque in Knutsford can be pricey but very often our techs at Premier Garage Services can clean the filter so it will once again regenerate on its own. Now, we’re independent so our services are going to cost you up to 50% less than your dealer for the same or better service. All our service is performed according to the manufacturers’ recommendations so your warranty remains valid. Contact Premier Garage Services when experiencing DPF malfunctions. You’ll like our conscientious customer service and friendly atmosphere. We offer free vehicle collection and delivery.