Need Expert Maintenance for DPF Land Rover in Cheshire?

DPF Land Rover in CheshireDepend on Premier Garage Services for DPF Land Rover in Cheshire for maintenance and repair. Land Rover designed the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to work automatically. It’s function is to trap harmful soot deposits so they are not dispersed into the atmosphere through the exhaust system. At intervals of about every 300 miles your DPF will automatically regenerate or clean itself by heating up and burning off the soot deposits. The soot is reduced to a harmless vapour and expelled through the exhaust system. The process takes about ten minutes and is quite simple; except for when regeneration does not take place. You might not notice the malfunction right away but as time goes by you will notice sluggish performance from your engine and poor fuel efficiency.

At the first sign of DPF failure to regenerate bring your Land Rover to us at Premier Garage Services. In Cheshire, DPF Land Rover maintenance is carried out by removing the filter and cleaning it with products designed for the job. We will try to ascertain the reason the filter failed to clean itself and correct the fault. Most of the time, after we’ve removed the filter, cleaned and replaced it, the filter will once again start regenerating itself and you will likely have no more problems. However, once your Land Rover reaches 150,000, we recommend a check to see if it could use a professional cleaning. We can also check it during regular maintenance and service visits to be sure it regenerates completely.

The DPF Land Rover in Cheshire will let you know if it’s not regenerating regularly or regeneration is incomplete. The sluggish engine and poor petrol mileage you experience should not be ignored in hopes it will work itself out. If you take the Land Rover out on the road and drive it at a sustained high speed for twenty minutes it might regenerate or it might cause damage to your fuel system, including the DPF itself. Contact Premier Garage Services and bring your Land Rover to our professionals. We take whatever steps are needed to get your DPF clean and self-regenerating on its own again.