DPF Range Rover in Handforth, Best Managed by Specialists

DPF Range Rover in HandforthThe DPF Range Rover in Handforth is best managed by Range Rover specialists. You may assume that the only specialist is the dealer but you would be wrong. It is true, they specialise in only Range Rover but they are not the only ones who do. We too specialise in Range Rovers. Here, we have professionally trained technicians with over 25 years’ experience. Our specialists can address any and all problems that your vehicle may encounter. We also have the latest diagnostic equipment to help us troubleshoot the less obvious causes of engine and or computer malfunction. We have it all right here along with conscientious and friendly customer service. We’ll even collect and deliver your car back after servicing. We can usually save you up to 50% over dealer prices for the exact same quality.

When you call us about your diesel fuelled Range Rover getting poor mileage, we’re going to ask you if there seems to be a loss of power. In Handforth, DPF Range Rover may be the culprit. We especially think of the DPF if you mainly drive in town at slower speeds and rarely take it out on the highways and drive it at high speed. You see, taking your Range Rover out and driving at maximum allowed speed occasionally will help your car’s exhaust system function properly. The filter traps all the toxic debris that would ordinarily be expelled through your exhaust into the atmosphere. When the filter reaches a certain capacity, your engine heats up a bit and your CPU tells the filter to burn that soot up. What’s left is expelled as harmless vapour.

The DPF Range Rover in Handforth regenerates itself when your car is travelling at high speeds. This will happen every 300 miles or so and takes only a few minutes. It does not interfere with your driving or the normal operation of the car. Now, when your DPF doesn’t get a chance to regenerate the blocked filter will interfere with the operation of the car. If you think your Range Rover may be experiencing this problem, contact us. We’ll get the filter to manually regenerate and it will likely then reset itself and function automatically once again. Don’t neglect the warnings signs or signals that indicate the filter has not regenerated. Take the care out and open it up once or twice a week so this marvellous piece of equipment can function as it’s designed to do.