Land Rover Garage in Bowdon

Land Rover Garage in BowdonYou will want a Land Rover garage in Bowdon that is a specialised service centre for your Land Rover. Premier Garage Services have over 25 years of experience in Land Rover service and repair. We have the most up to date and technologically advanced diagnostic machinery recommended by the manufacturer to quickly and efficiently find any faults and repair them. Our highly qualified technicians are trained by Land Rover to make sure that your vehicle has the most comprehensive service available depending on what service is necessary for your vehicle and we can validate your vehicle warranty saving you from having to use an expensive dealership service centre.

In Bowdon, Land Rover garage services are done in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation and our spares department have most of the necessary spares for almost all the makes and models of Land Rover vehicles. These services will be approximately 50% cheaper than a dealership service. Vehicles over 4 years old can have a budget priced service plan to make the service very cost effective. We also offer a collection and delivery service for our customers where we will collect the vehicle, service or repair it and deliver it back to you in perfect working order.

A Land Rover garage in Bowdon, such as Premier Garage Services also repairs gearboxes and suspensions as well as clutches and brakes. As these are wearing parts of the vehicle, they will need to be changed from time to time. We can also replace worn tyres and repair or replace exhaust systems that have suffered wear and tear. When we replace your Land Rover’s tyres, our reliable and helpful staff will advise you on which tyres would be best suited to your car. Once the new tyres are fitted, we will also do the wheel balancing and alignment. If you are looking for a reputable Land Rover Garage, contact Premier Garage Services.