Don’t Ignore Your Vehicle’s Flashing Engine Management Light Range Rover Evoque in Wilmslow

Engine Management Light Range Rover Evoque in Wilmslow The engine management light Range Rover Evoque in Wilmslow may display in various ways. For instance, your engine came on yesterday but this morning it’s off. Did it fix itself? Probably not. Expect to see it again; something may be wrong. If the light comes on then goes off at intervals all the time; something is not right. If it comes on and stays on, without wavering; you need to book your car into our garage because something is definitely wrong. If the light blinks rapidly and continuously, go directly to Premier Garage Services by the shortest route.

You may wonder why, since you have a smart car, it’s not smart enough to tell you exactly what is wrong. In Wilmslow, engine management light Range Rover Evoque isn’t that smart yet. However, where there is a warning light, there is a code that our diagnostic equipment can retrieve. That code tells us where the culprit is hiding. Diagnostics are a tremendous asset because they save a lot of troubleshooting time. We quickly know if your engine is about to blow up or if it’s just a loose petrol cap. We know right away which steps to take next. Of course, the older the vehicle the more likely it is the engine light will come on because worn parts need replacement. Some reasons are serious and other reasons are a quick fix.

One of the most common causes for engine management light Range Rover Evoque in Wilmslow is a loose petrol tank cap. You’ve probably heard that one before. Fouled spark plugs or wires, catalytic converter failure, an oxygen sensor or faulty mass airflow sensor are parts most likely to need replacement. Aside from the petrol tank cap, those common faults are usually due to worn parts and can be replaced. Most will also warn you with a rough running engine and poor gas mileage. When the engine light comes on, call us and tell us what you’ve noticed. We’ll be able to tell you whether you need to come in immediately or if it’s okay to schedule an appointment a few days out. Don’t put off attending to an engine light because damage ignored can lead to more extensive damage.